Reviews in english

Uli Rothfuss, writer and Professor for Poetics, Germany.

Nigar`s poems: most exciting reading adventures This young woman, Nigar, is a poet and only that. It can be felt by every single word in her books. She seems only to move through her life for one concern: for creating poems. Nigar is transforming every day`s affairs into a unique language, she has already – a young poet – found her personal style, giving her very own atmosphere into her poems, she reminds to the great Russian poets, she speeks with a richness in pictures which only a poet with oriental origins can find, and, most important, she keeps in every word her own poetique voice. Nigar`s poems have a straight relation to life and “play” nevertheless in another sphere; for me Nigar and her poems are one of the most exciting reading and feeling adventures during the last years.

Fernando Lanzas Poet and Translator Former Director General for the Book industry, Archives and Libraries of the Spanish Minstry of Culture Economic counsellor of the Spanish Embassy in London.

"Nara's Fable is a deeply moving, beautifully written and full of magic text which works both as a short story, a collection of poems in verse and prose and as a play, of which a brilliant and highly effective public performance is very easily imaginable by the reader. Like many great books in the history of literature, we face a non classifiable text, whose true genre is the same of every literary piece that connects the reader to what of divine, poetic and transcendent exists in the human soul. Already translated to several foreign languages, this Fable is highly suitable for a Spanish translation, as it will be well recognized by the Spanish cultivated public as a piece that perfectly inserts in the old and rich Spanish tradition of mystic literature. As a translator myself, I am truly enjoying the work, which enables me to discover the beautiful and fragrant nuances and depths of the art of Nigar, the author. This translation work is also highly pleasant as the original text flows smooth and clear, allowing for a translation which can go directly to the essence of the story and the emotions of the reader."

Richard McKane Poet translator London .

At once reminiscent of Akhmatova, they are totally her own. Nigar’s poetry, intimacy, combination of innocence and wisdom.

Elaine Feinstein. Poet. London

Nigar is a poet in love with word-play to use full resonance of Russian Language, Particularly is playful poems exploring her emotional life. She reads beautifuly and knows how to communicate her own passion to an audience.

Reza Baraheni, Poet & Novelist President of Canadian Center International PEN

The angel that rises from Azerbaijan (the “land of Fire”), and passes though the streets of St. Petersburg and moscow, the exilic spaces of Mandelshtam’s Siberia, and Akhmatova’s Samarkand and Alma Ata, lands finally on the English line of Richard MCKane., and it is a joy to hear the young Negar write in prophetic confession: Whoever is an Angel is made out to be a sinner, The burden of the freedom of white birds.

Valentina Polukhina/ Emeritus Professor at Keele University, England

A few words on Negar Hasan-Zadeh’s long Sufi Fable. Many poems live and die without ever been published or read. The complexity, originality and beauty of Nigar’s Sufi Poem Fable will guaranty it a long life. Nigar has a perfect ear for sound. As another poet Inna Lisnyanskaya put it: “In the first instance, poets differ from one another according to their music.” Nigar has found her own distinctive music as well as original composition. There is more beneath the surface: Nigar’s vision of love as a sustaining force is her weapon against time. She describes, with fascination, how past, present and future co-exist and intertwine. The poem’s charm, its wisdom, its narrative magic are humorous and tragic at the same time. The Tale is a fine story written in extraordinarily rich style and holds the reader’s attention to the very end.

Christopher Arkell

It is hard to find any parallels to The little Fairy and The White Bird in English. At once a mesmerizing fairy story for a child; a collection of lyrical poems combining those Blakean qualities of innocence and experience; and a vademecum for children and adults alike, where very sound precepts on the fundamental truths of human life and wrapped in the story of the education of the main character, the Fairyteller, a child born to continue the tradition of telling of fairy tales and the writing of poetry in which the author herself has grown up. Nigar Hasan-Zadeh combines the wit and lyrical beauty of two great cultures – that of Russia and that of the South-eastern Caucasus centred around Azerbaijan. From these influences she has created a unique work which will bring both delight and gentle, but profoundly wise instruction to generations of readers.

Reviews in Russian

Valentina Polukhina/ Emeritus Professor at Keele University,England

Несколько слов о суфической сказке Нигяр Гасан-заде. Много историй живут и умирают так и не удостоившись возможности быть напечатанными, и даже прочитанными. Сложность, оригинальность и красота суфической сказки Нигяр гарантируют ей долгую жизнь Шарм, мудрость, магия произведения забавны и в то же время трагичны. Это прекрасная сказка написана в необыкновенно богатой стилистике. Она не отпускает внимание своего читателя до самого конца.

Fernando Lanzas. Madrid. Spain. Poet and Translator Former Director General for the Book industry, Archives and Libraries of the Spanish Minstry of Culture Economic counsellor of the Spanish Embassy in London.

"Сказка Нары это глубокое, красиво написанное произведение, богатое магическими символами и определениями. Как и многие другие великие книги в истории литературы, мы сталкиваемся здесь с не классифицируемым текстом, чей истинный жанр принадлежит категории тем произведениям, которым удалось связать своего читателя с вечным, трансцендентальным в человеческой душе. Как переводчик этой удивительной сказки на испанский язык, я получаю истинное удовольствие от этой работы. Она позволяет мне раскрыть для себя красоту, душистые нюансы и глубину искусства Нары, самого автора.

Реза Барахени Поэт Президент Канадского центра международной литературной организации “ Pen”.

Торонто/Канада – Март, 2001 “Восходящий ангел из Азербайджана (Страны Огней), коснувшийся улиц Петербурга, Москвы, Самарканда Ахматовой и Сибири Мандельштама, опустился и на английскую строку Ричарда МакКейна. И это удовольствие читать исповедальные строки молодой Нигяр: “Если Ангел, значит грешен Белых птиц свободы бремя.”

Christopher Arkell London. UK Translator of “Little Fairy Teller and White Bird Nara” in English Publisher The London Magazine The London Miscellany

Сложно найти паралель этой сказке в английской литературе. Однажды завораживающая история ребенка, собрание прекрасных стихотворений в настроение Вильяма Блейка, невинности и в тоже время жизненного опыта, Вадемикум для детей и взрослых где каждый звук исповедует фундаментальные истины человеческой жизни и окутан историей просвещения главного героя, маленького сказочника, родившегося для того, чтобы продолжить традицию сказок и поэзии в которой вырос сам автор этойсказки. Нигяр соединяет остроумие и красоту двух великих культур России и Востока. Чьи влияние помогли создать автору уникальную работу, несущую в себе как восторг, нежность так и зрелую мудрость поколениям новых читателей.

Ergin Atalay. Istanbul. Turkey Writer, translator from Russian classical literature

« В маленькой колыбельке мoжно видеть великие сны... Так начинается сказка Нигяр «Маленький Сказочник и белая Птица Нара» в этой сказке: отношения человека и природы, красота и мудрость мироздания, чувства, ощущения и знания которые могут пригодиться любому человеку начиная с первых шагов его жизни. Много поучительного и интересного рассказано поэтично-сказочным языком. Поэтому ее с удовольствием могут читать как взрослые так и дети.