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"SÖZ" Literary Project

Литературный проект это новая страница в культурной жизни нашего города. Благодаря поддержке министерства культуры Азербайджана, проект получил право на существование. Возвратив нашему городу красивую традицию... More

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This young woman, Nigar, is a poet and only that. It can be felt by every single word in her books. She seems only to move through her life for one concern: for creating poems.

Uli Rothfuss, writer and Professor for Poetics, Germany

As a translator myself, I am truly enjoying the work, which enables me to discover the beautiful and fragrant nuances and depths of the art of Nigar, the author. This translation work is also highly pleasant as the original text flows smooth and clear, allowing for a translation which can go directly to the essence of the story and the emotions of the reader.

Fernando Lanzas Poet and Translator Former Director General for the Book industry, Archives and Libraries of the Spanish Ministry of Culture

At once reminiscent of Akhmatova, they are totally her own. Nigar’s poetry, intimacy, combination of innocence and wisdom.

Richard McKane Poet translator London .

Nigar is a poet in love with word-play to use full resonance of Russian Language Particularly is playful poems exploring her emotional life. She reads beautifuly and knows how to communicate her own passion to an audience.

Elaine Feinstein. Poet. London

The angel that rises from Azerbaijan (the “land of Fire”), and passes through the streets of St. Petersburg and Moscow, the exilic spaces of Mandelshtam’s Siberia, and Akhmatova’s Samarkand and Alma Ata, lands finally on the English line of Richard MCKane.

Reza Baraheni, Poet & Novelist President of Canadian Center International PEN

A few words on Negar Hasan-Zadeh’s long Sufi Fable. Many poems live and die without ever been published or read. The complexity, originality and beauty of Nigar’s Sufi Poem Fable will guaranty it a long life.

Valentina Polukhina/ Emeritus Professor at Keele University, England

Nigar Hasan-Zadeh combines the wit and lyrical beauty of two great cultures – that of Russia and that of the South-eastern Caucasus centred around Azerbaijan. From these influences she has created a unique work which will bring both delight and gentle, but profoundly wise instruction to generations of readers.

Christopher Arkell translator Publisher The London Magazine The London Miscellany

So begins the fairytale "Little fairy teller and White Bird Nara" written by Nigar. In this wonderful tale you can find: the relationship between man and nature, the beauty and wisdom of the universe, feelings, sensations and knowledge that can be useful for anyone from the first steps of his life. This master piece is written in a poetically-fabulous language. Therefore, it can be read by adults and also children, with pleasure.

Ergin Atalay. Istanbul. Turkey Writer, translator from Russian classical literature

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